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The rise of cyber threats

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives overnight. Businesses and their employees had to adapt instantly with new technologies and applications. As working lives have evolved, so have the new cyber threats.

Here are a handful of new cyber threats that SME owners ought to be aware of:-

1. COVID themed attacks Many web domains have been registered by those who want to con us. Some domains were used to launch emails claiming to sell COVID-19 vaccinations, others for various phishing campaigns or for distributing malicious mobile applications.

2. Zoom and video-conference phishing attacks The use of Zoom and other video conference apps have exploded during 2020. Cybercriminals have exploited the popularity of this app to launch phishing attacks. Through fake meeting invites, criminals are inserting malware and stealing data.

3. Employees and ransomware Employees are increasingly using their personal devices for work, and accessing the corporate network over unsecured connections. Cybercriminals then compromise those connections, extract large quantities of sensitive commercial information and threaten to publish it unless a ransom is paid. Businesses then face huge losses either through paying ransoms or admitting their mistakes (publicly) with the loss of reputation and customers.

4. Mobile devices and the growing threats Employees are fixated on using their mobile devices to access business data. Criminals hack these devices by inserting malware which provide them unlimited access to sensitive commercial data.

5. Securing your IT infrastructure Criminals can hack computers of unsuspecting employees with little effort. Once they have control, they can spread their control to other computers and all of their activities.

The new reality and what you can do. The new way of working is likely to be here for a long time. As business owners and dedicated employees, we must remain vigilant with how we use our devices. A well thought out Employee Policy could save your business and its reputation. Our consultants are available when you need them so please do not hesitate to call or message us Helpdesk 0843 523 5644, Consultants Direct 07397 143241

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So important for SMEs during the pandemic.

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