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The end of 9-5 Monday to Friday working hours?

Businesses are adapting ... and they want key partners and staff on side

‘We were already adapting business models with outsourcing, the use of specialist consultants and freelancers’ said a leading UK Business Think Tank. The Covid crisis was ‘another catalyst in reshaping the working landscape’ with many corporations now taking people-centric approaches to their working preferences whilst delivering exceptional results.

Anita Patrick, HR director at PepsiCo, said “What we’ve managed to achieve is a fundamental shift to complete and utter trust in our people – and I truly believe this has to be a leadership mindset.... as a result from this is our people reaching their full potential and performance.”

A new Hybrid Model

Research by Boston Consulting Group found that while the option to work from home was welcome during the pandemic, little or no contact with colleague’s hindered productivity. “We found between 41% and 60% of the 1,000 workers surveyed said they would prefer to work from home a few days a week in future. The variation depended on age groups, with workers aged over 60 favouring remote work between 81 and 100% of the time.”

What does the future hold?

No one can say with certainty what the commercial environment will look like but many business experts have agreed ‘even before the pandemic began, flexibility had been a key focus for leading businesses resulting in a rapid use of 3rd party outsourcing and flexible employee working practices’

Brian Green, CIO at PepsiCo, acknowledged “workplace productivity and refocus is naturally great for our business... but the policy also benefits our outsourcing partners and employees working remotely at home”

Those that evolve and move forwards shield themselves from changing marketplaces. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free review of your practices Helpdesk 0843 523 5644, Consultants Direct 07397 143241. Together we are stronger.

Jagruti Lall, Principal Consultant, CIPD Assoc

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