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Employee Engagement - your free marketing tool

Jagruti Lall, HR Consultant

We all want to be appreciated for hard work and commitment. Motivating your staff will become one of your best and free marketing techniques. Following these simple steps will help your business save thousands of pounds whilst preparing for future growth opportunities:-

o A Simple Well done/Thank You – recognising an employees’ hard work goes a long way and does not cost you anything but your time. Your employee will feel trusted, respected and appreciated. And as a result your business will become more productive with loyal engaged staff by your side.

o Talent Management – is your business providing the relevant training and development for aspiring individuals to move on to their next stage? A well documented skills audit and succession plan will help you retain key staff and plan for future expansion without any of those costly growing pains.

o Listen to your employees - promote open two-way communication, to listen to your employees’ views, opinions and suggestions. Engaging an independent third party to oversee surveys shows your employees just how serious you are. Engaging your employees in this way will give them a personal stake in the outcomes of your business.

o Compensation/benefits – are you paying market rates to retain your staff? The costs of replacing unhappy staff far outweigh a proactive stance taken by your business. Compare your compensation packages to your competition is easy and proactive in keep key employees.

o Open transparent polices – are you polices fair and transparent? Well documented best practices inspire your employees that you are professional and serious about their well being.

Retaining key staff has never been so important. We’re facing volatile and uncertain times so don’t let your investment in staff go down the drain.

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